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Revive | SUPS - empowering supplements - The Seed
Revive | SUPS - empowering supplements - The Seed

The mom plan

Revive | SUPS - empowering supplements

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In need of some extra immunity and strength? This is a plant-based supplement for the busy lifestyle, loaded with antioxidants, extracted from 22 Mediterranean vegetables, fruits and herbs. To upgrade your food plan. This product contains the equivalent of 2.5 portions of greens and fruits in antioxidants.


400mg of concentrated natural and mediterranean vegetable and fruit ultra concentrated blend.

This unique anti oxidant supplement is developed to fill up the nutritional gap between a regular diet and the needs in terms of natural antioxidant polyphenols.

     The supplements in this box are
    • vegan
    • non GMO
    • safe for pregnant and lactating women*
    • free from: soy, dairy, sugar, lactose, yeast, colouring or flavours, alcohol
    • made in The Netherlands
    • our bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic.

    *When taken in the recommended dose, the supplements (and all the other The Mom Plan supplements) can be taken when pregnant or lactating. However, we do advise to consult your health practicioner before taking this or any other supplement.

    You can take the supplements together at once or separate, with any meal. Try to drink a full glass of water with the supplement(s) to support the absorption and detoxifying effects of the ingredients. If your stomach is a bit sensitive, you may want to ‘sandwich’ your supplement in between two parts of a meal.