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About us

As a young family with little children, we’re always looking for products that complement our way of living, thinking and doing. Whether it‘s to educate ourselves, keep us happy and healthy, or just to make our lives that much easier, we always make sure that our purchases comply to certain values.

With The Seed we’re sharing our favourite brands and products, so your purchases also comply to at least one of these values. Our promise: If we wouldn’t buy the items ourselves, you will not find it in our store. 

“Jesse and I have been together for years, you could even call us highschool sweethearts. After having experienced a lot of adventures together, we both thought it was time for us to start a family. Now we’re blessed with a delightful toddler and expecting our second miracle.”

“Next to the fact that we’re life partners and parents of our children, we thought it would be amazing to also share a passion as business partners. And so, The Seed was born. We really know what we can expect of each other, so just as in all other aspects of our life, we have a great division of tasks.